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Websites are running outdated versions of WordPress

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Hacks, malicious activity, accidental damage, and data loss are a reality every website owner needs to be aware of.

But with Web Defender, that doesn’t mean you need to be worrying about them.

The team at Web Defender will ensure your WordPress website is secure by not only implementing the latest systems and protocols, but putting in place a defensive wall. With malware scanning, automated backups, fast restores and an expert team of specialists, you’ve got the peace of mind to know that the Web Defender team has your back.

"There are only two types of companies:
those that have been hacked,
and those that will be."

Robert MullerFBI Director, 2012

Simple, Powerful Protection

Your WordPress website will have never felt so secure in its life!
Malware Scanner

We scan your websites for Malware which safeguards you from spam injections, website errors, disabled sites, database connection issues and code anomalies. Your website will be fixed even before Google identifies something is wrong with your site.

Daily Cloud Backups

Your WordPress site will be backed up to an off-site location in the cloud. This ensures we have a remote recovery disk if anything happens to your website.

Managed Updates

Never worry about a WordPress, plugin or theme update again with our managed updates service. We can even disable unused and poorly built plugins to help with your website’s performance.

Compromised Site Restoration

If something goes wrong with your WordPress website, say you deleted a file or got hacked, we will restore it from our cloud backup which means your site can be up and running in just a minutes instead of days!

Vulnerability Scanner

With our vulnerability scanner, your WordPress website receives time critical updates when vulnerable plugins or themes are identified in order to keep your site free from attacks.

Broken Link Checker

Finding broken links in a website is like finding a needle in a haystack. Our system finds all the broken links in your WordPress site allowing us to edit, modify or remove the broken links.

Monthly Reporting

Receive monthly summary updates on the work completed on your WordPress website direct to your email inbox.

Website Optimisation

Keeping your WordPress website at peak performance means monitoring resource hungry plugins, optimising the database and clearing unused data.

Fast Content Delivery (CDN)

With over 100 data centers located across the globe, your visitors will experience improved website performance.

Attack Prevention (DDoS)

Unmetered mitigation of illegitimate large volumes of traffic.

Google Analytics

Setup and configuration of Google’s incredible website tracking and monitoring software.

PageSpeed Insights

Google Page Speed will show you how fast a website loads in the internet and how you can optimize it to load much faster.

What an amazing team. They identified flaws in my website security and fixed them immediately. My website is crucial to my business and l know that the Web Defender team are keeping a close eye everything for me. Great peace of mind!

Sarah BrooksFemale Entrepreneur

Managing multiple ecommerce websites l don't have time to ensure l'm up-to-date with the latest security patches for WordPress or the plugins l use. That's where Web Defender comes in - they manage it for me. Simple.

David PeaceEcommerce Manager

I never took security seriously until l had my website hacked!!! It was awful, especially as one of my top clients informed me as they say before me. My web designer didn't know what to do and after a quick search l found Web Defender. In less than 24 hours my site was back to normal and no hacks for the last 2 years.

Callum JonesSmall Business Owner

The team are awesome. They fixed my site after a bad hack. I have total peace of mind now. Highly recommended to anyone that needs a website for their business to succeed!

Rachael TravisHairdresser

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